A game from the students of NMed 3310

Explore the Amazonian forest and photograph the interesting animals you see! Minimal disaster ensues to your prints, so now fun is the only result!


Version 1.002 (10.04.2019)

Amazonia is a game about creating creatures from different species that are found in the Amazonian rain jungle. Utilizing the 3 different decks of cards - Head, Body, Limbs - you create something to make the Judge and all players laugh and consider all the possibilities!

First a judge picks up a prompt card reading it out to everyone.

Then using your imagination you create an animal based around the prompt card.

The judge picks the winner of the round, and the winner gets to move ahead on the board!

The first to the end wins!





Amazonia was created with the intention of inspiring people to think about the wildlife in the Amazonian rain forest. It has simple game play to make it accessible to a variety of audiences. Simply, it is educational but fun.


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Created by

Josee Fortin, 

Abby Coleman

and Emily barnes

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